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Dents, dings and scratches can be a pain – the damage never seems bad enough to warrant the inconvenience and cost of traditional repairs, but doing nothing about it makes your car look unsightly and increases the chance of further damage due to rust vulnerability. That’s where the magic of paintless dent removal comes in! It’s the most economical, eco-friendly and fastest system for dings and dents.

Quick, environmentally friendly and has great results!

Paintless Dent Removal is a complete and non-automated process carried out by highly skilled and certified technicians for the removal of all kinds of dents, dings, scrapes and scratches:

  • Carpark Dings
  • Shopping Trolley Scrapes
  • Bumper scratches
  • Stone chip damage
  • Dents in awkward places
  • Minor dents

This clever and environmentally friendly technique will restore your vehicle to its original condition – without the costly use of body fillers, paint and machines. That means you save time and money; and you also retain the value of your vehicle because there is no need to respray it – so the vehicle finish stays original!

So if you want a panel beater in Auckland who can sort out that unsightly and annoying dent quickly and cost effectively, you need to call Peter Simons Panelbeating – we only outsource paintless dent removal to the very best, businesses that we have worked with for a long time, so you can be rest assured that the work will be done by expert technicians who see every dent as a challenge to impress with their skills!


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